Cast your vote. Exercise your right .Save your state - General Elections 2016

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Summer 2016 is another important milestone in Indian history - General Elections to the Legislative Assemblies of Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and West Bengal. It is that time in history when people decide the fate of their states.

Being a democratic country, in the rightful sense, the government that comes to power will be the one that is elected by the people, made up of leaders who are of the people and also the one that will stand for the people. However, the recent elections in our country over the past decade have proven otherwise. Successive ruling parties at the State have failed miserably to establish a Democratic form of Government, resulting in rampant corruption, ineffective policies. To be precise, they have done more harm than good - people are dissatisfied, angry and are totally at a loss as to how to repair the damages done.

Voting should be made compulsory and not a choice

As a Citizen of India, I deem it a great honor to cast my vote. Ever since I turned 18, I have never missed a single election. It is such a proud moment for me when I get my finger inked. Unfortunately, many eligible Indian Voters do not feel the same for they skip elections and consider the election day as a holiday. I have always felt that voting must be made mandatory by law and not left to the citizens as their choice. That is - If you vote, you get electricity and water supply else those basic amenities will be cut.

People living in other states do not want to travel to their respective states to cast their vote. What they need to understand is that every single vote makes a marked difference. It is very wrong to forego one’s right to vote. When one can plan well ahead for their summer getaway to exotic locations, why is it that they fail to plan to travel to their hometown to exercise their vote?

Here is what I wish to tell our fellow Indian citizens

1.To vote is such an honor. If you love your country, go out and vote.

2.Complaining about the corrupt political system does not help in any way. But your vote can definitely lead the way to a change.

3.Think before you vote. You have the ultimate proof before your eyes of what the previous governments have done to your state, so choose wisely.

4.Take the trouble to keep your voter’s ID and other proof up to date. Else don’t expect or demand the Government to frame policies for the common man. All the processes are simplified and online now, so take a day off, go in person and do the needful.

5.Never say “ Is anything going to change by my vote?’ - History is proof to how our election system has evolved through the ages.

Thanks to our forefathers for it was them who laid the foundation for a strong electoral process.If they had had this thought, we would never have had the existing system now! It is in our hands to make it stronger, efficient and fool-proof. And the best way for that is to cast your vote.

Finally, do not forget the date of election. Be sure to cast your vote, even if it means waiting in a long queue and skipping breakfast! ( Don’t we do that to watch the First Day First Show of our favorite heroes’ movies?)



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