Five Resolutions to Fight Away Diabetes on World Health Day

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April 7th is celebrated as World health day by the World Health Organization.

Beat diabetes:'Scale up prevention, strengthen care, and enhance surveillance’ is the theme for this year’s World Health Day to prioritize the global public health concern.

According to the survey by WHO, Diabetes is killing more than 2 lakh Indians every year. As per the data from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), India has nearly 6.3 crore cases of diabetes and the numbers are expected to rise to 10.1 crore by 2030. With the increasing prevalence of diabetes in India over the past decades, Chennai has now become the new Diabetes Capital of India. The stats are sounding a warning bell to us and it is high time that we wake up to it.

Resolutions for this World Health Day

The common perception about being affected by diabetes is that one has to give up on sweets and get insulin shots regularly. However that is not all. There is much more behind this killer disease and it is imperative to stay aware of all the facts. Prevention is always better than cure and it holds good for Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is not preventable but when treated properly, one can live a healthy life to the fullest. Hence strengthening your knowledge about this disease, effects and treatment will help a great deal in fighting against it.

It's never too late for you to start working as diabetes is treatable and controlled. On this World Health Day let us take a big step towards diabetes prevention and lead a healthy, vibrant life by making a few changes.

1.Weight Management

Manage your weight by eating a balanced and healthy diet. Don’t skip your meals, especially breakfast which leads to overeating.

2. Smart Drinking

Cut out your sugary/carbonated drink by drinking plenty of calorie-free beverages, water every day.

3. Sweat it Out

Exercise regularly. Take the staircase, squat down for meals, walk frequently etc to cut down your idle stationary time. Obesity should never have a place in your life.

4. Snack Smart

Going to a movie? We know it’s hard to say no to your favorite popcorn, but that is what you need to start doing. Instead of popcorn, try healthy snacks options.

If you are at home and craving for snacks, try snacking on Healthy options such as nuts (rich in proteins with healthy fats), roasted channa/ moong dal, fruits( rich in fiber) etc. Ensure to keep a stock of these at home so that you will not be forced to eat junk.

5. Monitor regularly

Keeping a check on your vital body parameters is essential for early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. Monthly blood tests to monitor the blood glucose level will help avoid complications of this disease.

These five steps are simple and easy to get started. So, on this World Health Day, take a pledge to stick by these resolutions and join the global fight against Diabetes.


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