Nutrition to fuel our budding cricketers at home

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Now, it is the most exciting time for cricket fans all over the world - ICC World Cup T20 is on! It is an absolute celebration time for Indians as the exciting, nail-biting, matches are being held in our country. Cricket fans are busy catching every recent update and each game sure keeps everyone on the edge of their seats.

Cricket is a game of skill, stamina and endurance. Players need extra power to play the game throughout the day and all these are heavily influenced by their diet and fitness. Food is their fuel which every cricketer needs to focus on it to maximize the performance. They need to stay hydrated and fueled throughout a game. Ideally, a meal should contain

  • Carbohydrate(40%-50%)
  • Fat(20%-25%)
  • Protein(20%-25%)

Sweating is natural in this high energy sport and hence maintaining an adequate level of hydration influences a player’s performance on the field. However, fitness and diet strategy varies from player to player and it has to be personalized according to their body strength and requirements.

Game Day Nutrition

It is only on the day of match (45 minutes to be precise) that the players will get to know their role on field - batting or bowling. So a player has to get himself/herself ready well in advance for any role. Players have limited tea breaks which restricts their access to fluids during the game. They must ensure to keep themselves hydrated to so as to stay energized throughout the game.

The players should make sure that their pre-match meal contains appropriate carbohydrates like cereals, nuts, fruits, yoghurt, pastas etc., In general, a cricketer must eat 2-4 hours before the commencement of a match, predominantly when they choose to bat first as the player will not have any idea about his/her turn. Snacking on nuts like almonds, peanuts while a player is on the field or in the middle of a long innings can help a great deal to boost their energy levels.

For budding cricketers at home

As the vacation has started, don’t pull your kids inside. Outdoor sports is a must but ensure that they are well fed up with energy rich and nutritious snacks. Let them play!

The foods they eat on a daily basis will help to develop their capacity to store fuel in their muscles, increase their growth and development.

  • Feed them enough carbohydrate and protein (legumes, nuts, seeds) in their diet to optimize development and growth.
  • Keep these healthy snacks alternatives ready - After a heavy cricket game on the field, ensure to give your kids these - baked beans, tofu, seed beans, almonds, pecans, cashews, peanuts and peanut butter, seeds (pumpkin, sunflower)
  • Add meat, seafood, eggs and dairy products to their daily diet to provide essential amino acids to help their growth and development.
Enjoy this cricket season!

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