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I recently came across an article titled : Chennai and Bangalore–the new diabetes capitals of India, a study conducted by Apollo Sugar from August 2015 -January 2016. The Internal study conducted by Apollo Sugar stated that “The prevalence of obesity is higher in women i.e. 16% than in men i.e. 6% in Chennai. Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand; fatness is often side-tracked by treating it as a repercussion of sedentary lifestyle. Obesity has emerged as a major cause of diabetes with over 80% adult diabetics in India being overweight”.

This article led me to ponder over how we are wrecking our own health and life by our sedentary lifestyles. It was coincidence that I happened to attend a seminar on 'Wellness in the Workplace' during the same time on 9th March 2016 at Hotel Hilton, Chennai. This was organized by CII’s Indian Women Network (IWN) in association with Apollo Hospitals, IWN Tamil Nadu Health and Wellbeing Partner.

This one day workshop had more than 150 working women from all over chennai and a few men-folk. Dr.Thangam Meganathan, Chairwoman, IWN Tamil Nadu & Chairperson Rajalakshmi Engineering College inaugurated the workshop by addressing the gathering. The event’s chief guest was Mr.PWC.Davidar, IAS - Principal Secretary, Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.

Followed by Dr.Jayshree Gopal‘s (Convenor, Health & Wellbeing Task Force, IWN Tamil Nadu) felicitations, Mrs.Shiny Surendran who is a Consultant of Sports and Weight Management Specialist shared tips on 'How to eat healthy at the workplace'. According to her, the most common mistakes that working women make is

  • Skipping breakfast
  • Compensating calories
  • Irregular meal timing
  • Portion control
  • Trusting the food facts from Google

She urged women to follow a healthy diet plan that could be accommodated in their work schedules. She wound up her session by quoting Michael Pollan “Eat food, not too much, only plants” . Veganism is fast catching up as a trend among the health conscious folk and it sure has many followers.

Next session was by Dr.Sheela Nambiar Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant (Training For Life -TFL) who dealt with a very interesting topic “Sitting is Smoking” wherein she suggested the following as possible solutions.

  • NEAT( Non-Exercise activity thermogenesis)
  • Exercises to do at your desk

Dr. Kausalya Nathan, Integrated Lifestyle Management Consultant and Anti-aging specialist explained the importance of

  • portion size/control of the food we eat
  • amount of water we drink daily (dehydration leads to overeating!)
  • duration of our sleep and exposure to sunlight
  • how dehydration leads to overeating

Finally, her message to the participants was 'Love yourself as you are!!'

Next was an informative session by Dr.Jayashree Gopal, a consultant diabetologist and Endocrinologist who spoke about the emerging risk factors for common diseases like PCOD, Diabetes, Thyroid etc.,

The one day long workshop came to an end with a panel discussion on “The changes I have incorporated in my workplace to Improve my health”. Valedictory address was by Ms.Rajani Seshadri, Vice Chairwoman, IWN Tamil Nadu & Executive Coach and Advisor ,Tata Consultancy Services.

The workshop also had a health screening session by Apollo Hospitals and gift hampers sponsored by https://www.snackexperts.com

Image Credits : Brochure given by Apollo Hospitals to the participants of the workshop.

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