Being beautiful, the healthy way!

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Another Women’s day has whizzed past us recently. I am sure all of you took time out to wish and celebrate the women who are part of your life. I am very certain that you made your women-folk feel very special and loved by your gifts and praises. Accept my heartfelt thanks on behalf of all women for sparing a day to make your woman feel special. But I do not stop with that. I have more to express, discuss and talk to my ‘Women’, ‘Girls’ and the ‘beautiful ladies’ out there.

My Women’s Day message

Life sure does springs up challenges and it is in our hands to rise up to them and face them with zeal. For a girl, every step from adolescence is a new challenge to her individual self-body, mind and spirit. She needs to be strong to tackle the hardships and juggle her many different roles. Mental strength comes gradually as she dons new roles at various stages of her life. When I mean strong, I imply the need to be strong physically.

Women are always conscious about their looks, physique and colour that they pay very less attention to their health. Lean, fair, dashing, gorgeous - that is what important to them and ‘healthy’ does not have any place there. The truth is that a healthy body and healthy mind is what will make you truly beautiful. Your body is a sacred temple and you need to pay attention to your health more than anything else.

4 tips for becoming the ‘beauty queen’

  • Eat,Sleep,Repeat - This is an absolute must. Skipping meals and 8-hours compulsory sleep will wreck your body. Take a quick nap whenever you can post lunch. It will help you tackle the hectic evenings after work, college or home.
  • Eat fresh - Chuck the junk and pick the healthy foods. It is important that you spend the time to shop for fresh groceries and prepare fresh meals. When you can set apart time for parlour visits, you can very well allocate a few hours a week for fresh food shopping.
  • Step Outdoors -Women who work or study have lots of opportunities for this but the home-makers are generally holed up at their homes. Connecting with people in your society will keep your spirits up. Women love to talk (I totally do!) and what better way than this? Shutdown your laptops, ipads and iphones and strike a physical cord with your neighbours. Make new friends, start new activities, organize events, play shuttle, work out or join a class.
  • Mind your own business - Women and gossip are synonymous. Gossip is fine as long as it does not lead to any major problems. You should learn to steer your conversations away from gossips and people will gradually stop sharing news from others’ lives. That will definitely give you a lot of peace. Trust me. Talk about general and happy things - books, nature, animals, dress, kids and the world. And never ever compare your life with others.

Finally, you need to realize that your health is in your hands. Nobody in your family or friends can help you stay fit and healthy. People can just encourage and support you in your efforts to stay healthy. It is ‘YOU’ who has to take that step. It is ‘YOU’ who can make you beautiful.


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