Extraordinary ideas to make your Valentine's Day extra-special!

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February 14th - The most awaited day for the young hearts who are head-over-heels in love. They go on their knees to propose to their lady-love, with hearts fluttering with excitement, nervousness and anticipation. This is the day when the girls are full of expectations, dreams and eagerness. Hang on!

This may be a typical explanation for this gen Valentine’s Day celebrations. That is what this V-day is all about? It is totally about expressing your love, agreed. There have been many arguments as to why there has to be a specific day to express your love when you can do the same any day. Valid point. But the counter- argument re-iterates the necessity to hold a day to remind you that love can make life beautiful. The supporting reasons are many - we are too busy in our hectic schedules, we need a break to celebrate with the person whom we love and so on.

Wait. I can hear you “Now, what are you trying to say?”

Why Valentine’s Day?

Well, My point in love is universal and need not be restricted to just a single day and also not just the girl-boy thing. Love is beyond age, gender, caste, place, time, material pleasures.

Also, the way of expression is also varied - some prefer luxurious gifts, some subtle romantic gestures, yet some will be glad to have a bouquet of simple red roses. Today’s V-day trends include gifting cards, roses, dresses, candle light dinner , watching a favorite movie together, going on a long ride together, etc.

Although you can do any of the above on any day of the year to show your love, there is no harm or no wrong in highlighting your feelings on Valentine’s day. Spending a day thinking of love, feeling love and expressing love can definitely improve any relationship.

When I began to think of blogging about love, many other forms of love kept cropping in and here are some other ways you can make this Valentine’s day a different and special one!


  • Express your love to your sweetheart by spending time with her/him sans mobile, ipad or any other gadget. Talk, talk and talk. And no selfies!
  • For those who are single, show your love to your friends. Hang out with them and have fun cheering the love birds!
  • Show your love for your family by taking interest in the household affairs. Help mother in the kitchen, wash father’s car, play with your brother, go out with your sister!
  • Love yourself. Show your love for your body. It is a divine temple and you are its architect. So why not make a resolution to switch to healthy eating and start fitness training on Valentine’s day?

For married couple

  • You can show your love for your sweetheart by being supportive in their career decisions, encouraging them to pursue their dreams, ambitions instead of asking them to adapt yours ( as Dulquer asks Nithya Menon in OK Kanmani!) Give them the green signal on this V-day!
  • Take a break off from routine, drop the kids at grandparents’ place and go away to your favorite place together. Talk, talk and talk!
  • You can even celebrate at home by cooking together and watching your favorite romantic movies together.
  • Try switching roles just for a day to show that you understand your better half’s efforts, hardwork and sacrifices to run the ship. Both of you may end up irritated at each other’s workload, but then doing it for love’s sake will strengthen the relationship.
  • There is no hard and fast rule in love. Do whatever you feel is right for your love-story and not imitate those in movies or others’ lives. Your life. Your idea.

Finally, feel like expressing your love at this moment? Just go and tell it out loud and not wait for the V-day.

(Please do comment below if you rushed to express your love after reading this!)

Happy Valentine’s Day folks!


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