Happy Diwali :-)

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Diwali is finally here! The festive season is in full swing and happiness is in the air!

For us Indians, Diwali is a very important time of the year. It is a joyful family time. Sweets, colourful dresses, variety of delicacies , crackers marks this day. Every family member eagerly awaits this festival as it signifies a bonding time with friends and family, over good food! Family, friends and food - ain't that a perfect combo for happiness and fun?!

We at snackexperts have had a hectic but a happy and a satisfying month, packing healthy goodies for Diwali. With our delicacies this diwali, we are sure that you will not feel any guilt of adding a few kilos. Our snacks will help curb your cravings and at the same time take care of your health also! ( Isn't that a wonderful Diwali gift!) Munch, Munch!

We understand that you care for your family and friends and are looking for ways to surprise them. Why not gift them a snack box from Snackexperts for Christmas, New Year or even their birthday?!

Our Standard box is priced at Rs.699 and will contain 5 pouches of 5 different snacks from our snackopedia. This is a one-month subscription plan and by subscribing to this, you can ensure that your family/ friends’ snacks-supply is taken care for an entire month!

Well, you may want to impress them even more. We have the right plan for you - Our Smart Snacker box priced at Rs.1799 for 3 boxes. This will ensure that your family/friends get their favourite snacks for 3 months straight without any hassle!

So don’t forget to surprise your loved ones with our snack boxes this festive season!

Pssssst. We have many exciting discounts during the festivities!

Happy Diwali!


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