10 things parents should know about kids.

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Team Snackexperts wishes a Happy Children’s Day to all the naughty, hyper active and intelligent kids of this gen.  No one knows a child better than the parents, but  here are 10 things parents should know about kids !


  1. Kids love to talk

Kids are ever curious and have a hundred thousand questions.  Even if they don’t have anything specific to ask you, they will just talk about anything and everything under the sun.


Tips for parents : Don’t Stop them , but encourage them to rattle off. 


  1. Kids are attention seeking prats

You have to spend time only with them and with nobody else. If not, they will do anything to turn your attention on them. There begins the mischief!


Tips for parents :  Combine your personal work with activities that will involve your children.  This way, they will not trouble you for a while.


  1. Kids do not like us spending time on electronic gadgets

They absolutely hate it when we are busy whatsapping or watching cricket or commenting on facebook.  Either they must use the gadgets or we must shut them down.


Tips for parents : Use the kids’ sleeping hours to get on to social media or watch your favourite show on the TV.


  1. Kids try to push off sleep time

Kids hate sleep-time. Yeah, as it precious hours wasted instead of playing. Once the clock approaches bed time, kids will stay away from you and the bedroom as long as they can.


Tips for parents :  Tire the kids out  by letting them play physically and tuck them up with a full dinner. They will doze off on their own.



  1. Kids like us to treat them as grown-ups

Making kids feel important will help  hone their self-confidence and decision making skills.

 Involve them in decisions that you take for the family.


Tips for parents :  Talk to them about your daily activities at work/home and ask them about theirs at school.



  1. Kids love stories

Story time is a perfect time to bond with your kids. It also helps to improve the imagination, creativity of the child.


Tips for parents: Spin short, interesting stories of your own that has lot of magic, humor and fantasy in it.


  1. Kids enjoy playtime with mom and dad

Playing with your kids is the best stress buster for you and for them as well.


Tips for parents :  Don’t get them rich toys and gadgets to show your love. Play with them instead, get down to their level.


  1. Kids love splashing around water

Who doesn’t love playing in the water? Kids should be allowed to have fun during bath, while parents water the garden,  wash the car etc.


Tips for parents :  Getting wet a little will not make your kid fall sick. So do not deny them this fun time. However, ensure to be around them when they are playing in the water. Adult supervision is a must.


  1. Kids love to mess up the house

A house that has kids in it will be full of toys and other odd stuffs spread around the house.  Kids always want every toy out even if they are not playing with it.


Tips for parents : Let them mess up the house. Ensure that they clear things up and pack their toys before they go to bed.


  1. Kids love to munch

Kids are always active and need to be fed to keep up their energy levels.  Small meals with healthy snacks and tidbits in between will help them develop a healthy eating habit right from childhood.


Tips for parents :  Stock up your larder with healthy snacks likes nuts, fruits, raisins and eat them yourself when you feel hungry. Your kids will follow what you do. Tough job, made easy!


This Children’s day, help your kids start a healthy eating habit. Secure their health for a lifetime by catching them young. Snackexperts offers a variety of healthy snacks that will make kids turn to healthy foods in a natural manner. Gift them our snack boxes and  bring a happy and healthy smile on their faces J



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