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Anitha Rajeshwaran is a fitness enthusiast from Coimbatore. She holds a P.G.D. in Nutrition and Dietetics and enjoys working out, travel, music and cooking healthy meals for the family. She believes that staying fit and healthy helps to lead happy lives and she practices it to perfection!

Read on to find out her take on a healthy lifestyle for women! Get inspired !

Learning to love oneself happens from the mirror. In general when a person is internally happy,the same reflects on the face or body and one starts to fall in love with oneself. To bring in such kind of happiness or attitude, the kind of choices in life matters a lot.

Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live in! One thing you will always be happy about is a healthy living.
The right foods and moves will give you the stamina, focus and positive outlook.

The major aspects for a healthy lifestyle include

• Mindful or Sensible Eating
• Exercise or Physical Activity
• Sleep or Rest

Mindful Eating or Sensible Eating

This refers to eating a balanced diet, which includes all the nutrients in adequate amounts with appropriate proportions. Eating the right food not only rewards you with a greater resistance to common ailments, but also to clearer skin, healthy hair which many women look forward to.

To sustain a healthy diet it is very essential to eat these main food groups namely – Bread & cereals, Proteins, Vegetables , Milk & fat group.
Food choices are personal matter. Gradual changes can be made until the healthy eating habits are replaced by old ones. By making the right food choices you can control your cravings and stay energetic throughout the day

Apart from these, diet plays an important role in different phases in a women’s life,

- A proper diet can alleviate the symptoms of PMS ( Premenstrual Syndrome)
- Consuming enough of omega-3 fatty acids will lead to healthy pregnancy
- Emphasizing on lean sources of protein and calcium will aid in lactation
- Eating more of good fats, calcium, flax seeds and soy will ease menopause.

Exercise or Physical Activity

Doing the household chores everyday is some kind of physical activity which , unfortunately is done by a maid in most homes. However now that most of the women are working, it indeed becomes difficult and hence they have these paid services. Well, what about the physical activity or fitness of such women?

Fitness is no longer mundane. You can stay fit with any form of exercise like walking, running, yoga, aerobics, dances like zumba, salsa, bokwa which are trending these days. Never mind if you are a non- dancer, what is more important is to sweat out with these exercise sessions. Any form of exercise helps you to tone up, elevate the mood and increase your flexibility. Exercise is the best stress buster!

There is really no limit to possibilities in our lives. With the right mind set and training, our bodies can achieve anything. There might be endless reasons to find no time for exercise like,Got to cook and clean, it’s raining or its too hot, have a party or wedding to attend, need to pick up children, have an appointment with the doctor, need to travel and so on! But make sure to take it up as a habit and spend a minimum of ½ hr to 1 hr for exercise. It’s all in the mind and its never too late if you haven’t yet started.

Rest or Sleep

Getting enough rest or sleep for the body is the most important restorer. The muscle recovery which is the critical aspect of fitness occurs during rest or sleep. A minimum of 6 to 7 hrs of continuous sleep is necessary for one to maintain a good health. Sometimes lack of sleep also might lead to weight gain due to release of certain stress hormones. The better you feel and you are, the more likely you will make the people around happy.

Let’s make it clear that ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ should be made a priority and let’s work towards it. The more we know about our body the better we are able to listen to it.

Eat right; keep yourself fit & fabulous for a lovely and gifted life!"


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