How I ate my veggies, says Meera Balachandar

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I was actually very much impressed with this blog theme –How I ate my veggies. It sounded simple, but everybody will remember the beautiful days of childhood. It gave me a nostalgic feeling of my childhood with my entire family and their affection in feeding me with proper diet for my well being and growth. I belonged to a large family with great Grandpa ,Grandma,aunts ,uncles and cousins.

As a born vegetarian, veggies played a vital role in my lifestyle. Vegetables like Avarakai, peerkangai, keerai(greens not palak ) dominated my food style while I was a toddler. Even today, I can remember the taste and texture of the vegetables which my grandmother gave me with simple homemade preparation. It was not a supermarket sold packed product but a simple food mixed with affection and healthy ingredients. This made my food aww!!!.Can I find any grandmother who takes much pains now or whether any grandparents are willing to spend quality time with kids today? Well, I was a lucky kid!

When I began to go to school, I started eating all the vegetables including cabbage, beans, cauliflower, drumstick, radish, beetroot etc. The most important veggie which dominated was the great “POTATO” .How can I forgot my mom’s Potato curry which I shared with all my friends at school and enjoyed!

Did I think about the presence of calcium, minerals and vitamins and its effects during my young age? Not at all! I ate what m parents gave, a proper mixed diet, and hence cultivated the habit of eating vegetables from my young age – equal quantity of vegetables with rice.(No chappati diet during our time).I feel difficult to make my son eat the same .Is it generation gap or am I an undutiful mom for my son?After school, it was the peppy,fun-filled college life. Was nutrition filled diet anywhere on my priority list? Absolute No. If it had happened, I would have been healthier now as our previous generations.

As a new earner of our family, when I stepped outside our home, living independently in hostels, What did we have? Ha.. the Two minutes noodles, road side chats, fast food , packed food,tinned food . What happened to our Veggies now??

Veggies became Waste –ggies and we broke our body metabolism as a whole leading to health problems at an early age with more than half of our active years or still pending to be lived!!

One good thing was that, most of us were aware about chips and other unhealthy snacks and stayed away from them. This is in total contrast to the present generation, who survive only on snacks resulting in obesity and other health complications. Looks like, we are out of healthy eating habits and growth!

I pity the present generation, from toddlers to teens, who spend most of the time in either boarding schools, play schools, coaching classes, art, music, dance classes or their eyes glued to the electronic gadgets, with working super mom’s and dad’s to grow them up.

Who will teach them the importance of veggies ?Who will give them correct food?

Oh Yeah! You have apps for these now!

What a world!


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