Our Snacks For Your Health – Says Vishnu Priya , Snackexperts Product Innovator

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""We food enthusiasts at Snackexperts are food lovers first. We know you love food just as much as we do! That is why we are constantly experimenting to bring out the tastiest, yummiest snacks to curb your cravings. In our country we not only love spicy food but also the varieties of snacks made by our mothers and grandmothers. This led our Snackexperts team to take a data collection on the Indian snacking pattern and we were mildly surprised by the fact that snacking represented nearly 40% of our eating occasions. It was a routine with Indians. Snacking has become an integral part of our daily habits and this urged us to develop a chain of healthy and nutritious snacks. We wanted to reach out to all snack lovers, irrespective of their age, as snacks have become a substitute whenever we skip a meal. To avoid this nutrition gap that develops by improper eating patterns we have created a large variety of goodies that is not only mouth watering but also contributes to a great part of our diet plans even if we miss an eating course in our daily schedule. From the data collected we could conclude that nearly 75% of our people loved to munch snacks between forenoon and dinner while minimal numbers of people in the wee hours of the day. We were a bit astonished to find that people liked to snack in between meals and munch on something no matter what the time was (like me!! ) However a small percentage of people were found to have strict diet rules!!! We really cannot outgrow the love for snacking even when our hair turns grey – Once a snacklover, we are the same for ever. ( Don’t you agree? ) It is this characteristic feature of a snacklover that keeps the food industry on the constant urge of upgrading and improving its snackopedia. At Snackexperts, we are focussed on the nutritious value of our snacks as it contributes to the growth of toddlers, pregnant ladies, and families as a whole. Your health is our top priority and your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. So snack with Snackexperts and grow healthy!"".

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