Demonetisation: Bitter Pill For The Sweet Tooth?

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NOV 8,2016 at around 8.15 pm the Prime minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi announced to his countrymen through live coverage that the bank-notes of 500 and 1000 denomination would become invalid after midnight on the same day and that new currency notes of 500 and 2000 denomination will be circulated. The decision to do away with those denominations wasn’t a decision taken overnight as many nay-sayers suggest and was in discussion for a long time. The impact of the decision had caused inconvenience to the common man as many thronged ATMS and banks in hopes of exchanging the old currency notes and to ensure that they got sufficient currency notes of valid denominations. This wasn’t a smooth process as one expected and sometimes one had to tolerate the pain of standing for hours and still not being able to withdraw cash. One of the foremost reasons for bringing to effect the demonetisation of the two currency notes was to curb black money and terrorism funding and many believe that with this decision, the wrong-doers would have sleepless nights. Although the above mentioned reason seems to be the focus of demonetisation, one could also sense that ‘cashless payments’ has got a boost owing to this decision. Truly, with many means of automated payment services, cashless payments have been in encouragement for a while and those who could afford the facility have benefitted from this practice.


E-commerce has taken the world by storm in this decade solely for the convenience of being able to shop from one place without moving a bit. In a finding by the economic times of India,paper-based transactions cleared through cheques in FY 2015 (April 2014 – March 2015) summed up to INR 85 lakh crore (US$1.33 Trillion) whereas cashless transactions through credit card, debit card, NEFT, and online wallets comprised of INR 92 lakh crore (US$1.43 Trillion). The total transaction amount in India – exclusive of cash transactions – reached $2.76 Trillion in FY15. Better security measures and protection of online money has enabled the tide to turn towards online payments and with better availability of services, cashless payments would be favoured more than paper-based transactions. I don’t foresee the situation wherein payment through cash becomes obsolete as the bulk of the Indian population are those with little exposure to banking systems and commodities like the internet are still unknown to some, but I would like to hope the concept of cashless transaction becomes widespread and making provisions for the above mentioned would be a giant leap towards the achievement.


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I have not found any shortcomings in the decision of the Indian Govt. to do away with 500 and 1000 currency notes and this article only presents my view on the decision effect on online payments. Cynics and critics have found numerous flaws in the manner in which demonetisation has come into effect by citing examples of the mismanagement of banks, farmer’s plights and the inefficiency of the government to take immediate actions. Without denying the inconvenience caused by the decision, as I’ve gone through the process of waiting in long queues in hopes of getting money and getting cheated eventually due to shortage of notes, one needs to view this situation with an optimist’s mindset and those who have the privilege of cashless transaction should embrace it and from a broad perspective, the facility of cashless transaction should be made available for my countrymen of all classes.


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