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The month of November has finally arrived and it’s largely cool in one half of the world and those places which are normally treacherous mellow down during this time of the year. To quote Ned Stark, ”Winter is Coming” seems more apt( Not a GOT fan but impressed by the appropriateness of the quote).The sporting calendar this month is filled with action from all round the globe with numerous Bilateral series in cricket,Champions league clashes and the football league competition in respective countries, ATP World Tour Finals in Tennis, Formula -1 and so on. We might consider winter to be friendlier than the other seasons for sport but it does take immense levels of fitness and discipline to keep oneself competitive in the highest level. For a moment one might wonder what has discipline got to do with being competitive? One shouldn’t confuse the term ‘discipline’ with playing the game with good spirit. ‘Discipline’ here refers to the strict practices adopted by the aspiring sportsperson with his/her diet. No matter how much we hit the gym, an inappropriate diet will nullify the efforts put in burning the calories. So let’s go through some interesting accounts of sportspersons who are unwilling to pay the price and this helps in getting paid rich dividends.


The months of June and July every year in the Great Britain witnesses a grand spectacle called the ’Wimbledon’ where tradition takes centre stage relegating the likes of pomp and glamour. Played on what is considered to be the toughest of all surfaces-grass, the Championships has a long standing history and it is also considered to be the most prestigious trophy in Tennis. The Championships in 1985 had witnessed something spectacular and it's unsure whether such a thing may ever happen. A thin, blonde German, all of just 17 years of age named Boris Becker triumphed at the centre court defeating then eight seeded Kevin Curran and this sent the sporting world into a frenzy. Becker had announced his arrival in the greatest manner possible and he would also go on to pocket two more championships in 1986 and 1989. He would also go on to achieve the world No.1 ranking and along with legendary Steffi Graff, the Germans claimed to have the best of both male and female tennis players at that time. Boris’s story which is akin to David prevailing over Goliath seems a pretty good read but he also popularised a habit during the championships of 1985.During the break between games, he would warm up by eating bananas which he believed had given him super strength and he felt that he could win’em all. This habit of Becker didn’t fail to capture the attention of the media and throughout his career he would carry ‘N’ number of bananas in his bag which would serve as a tonic for Becker. This habit is now a hit with many current tennis players as we’ve seen the likes of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Caroline Wozniacki and Venus Williams munching them on court.


When playing it sweats out a lot and due to extreme heat the body perspire a lot of nutrients more rapidly. Generally, Sodium and potassium are highly important in supplying blood to the muscles , once these sodium and potassium are lost the body will start to cramp up. In order to avoid such situation, the players replenish themselves with water and banana. These incredible bananas one of the most consumed fruits are portable and crucially speedy to unwrap. They are rich in fructo-oligosaccharides a prebiotic which will absorb nutrients more quickly and efficiently by feeding important “friendly” bacteria that live in our digestive tract. In particularly it contains excellent quantity of vitamin B6, aids in creating hemoglobin for healthy blood and produces antibodies for a stronger immune response in the body.

Take-away from Banana Bunch

Becker wasn’t the first to pioneer the habit of consuming bananas but he surely created an impression which had an impact on future tennis players. Interestingly, his habit was also adopted by the Indian Cricketers during their drinks break in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Energy drinks and Protein shakes have always been trusted by leading sportspersons for providing them strength and stamina. But Boris’s ‘Banana Bunch’ made a telling statement about the importance of consuming organic food for strength and stamina.

Physique is appreciable but fitness is more crucial and the increasing standards of fitness stress the above mentioned point. Fitness is aided by a well-balanced diet and the more we cheat our diet, the more it will come to bite us in the future. Sportspersons are a prime source of inspiration when it comes to fitness, discipline and we can definitely take a cue from their routine and implement it in ours. Team SnackExperts encourages you to start afresh during this winter month and let’s not excuse ourselves from venturing outdoors citing cold weather as the reason.


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