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The old tale of a crow snatching a vada from an old lady is part of our folklore and there have been numerous parodies and numerous changes to the original storyline. This story has impacted us in a way that many of us picturise an old lady whenever the thought of frying vada comes to our mind and what’s interesting is that most of us would’ve heard this story from our grandmother! Grandmothers, the eternal story-tellers have provided us with numerous memories and they played a major role in our upbringing. Narrating stories weren't their only forte and they also relished our taste buds and also our health by preparing enormous variety of mouth-watering dishes. Many of us would have treasured their recipes and the taste which they provided transcended generations. Biscuits,sweets,savories and pickles - you name it and she would cook it for you.

The home-grown Gourmet:

“Think meals, Think Mother

Think Snacks, Think Grandmother”

Grandmothers were the prominent reason for our graduation from bottled milk to snacks. For every green vegetable fed by our mothers, our grandmothers fed us with millet murukku. Hospitality, a quality which is diminishing with every passing day was never found lacking among the grandmothers. The festival times were the most pleasant of all as our grandmothers assumed complete leadership of the kitchen and even our mothers played second fiddle! Together they produced all sorts of delicacies & sweets and this left an indelible mark in our souls.

Doctor on Demand:

As much as our grandmothers cared about satiating our hunger, they never made a compromise with health. Many of them definitely knew a thing or two about natural remedies and Ayurveda. They had a cure for almost every ailment and injury and their presence was in a manner that it epitomized the proverb, ”Prevention is better than cure”. Those who paid heed to their words would’ve realized the importance of sandalwood, the essence of consuming Spinach and even the importance of something trivial like a Rangoli. Their disciplinary approach towards life ensured that they were in the pink of health even in their late 60’s, 70’s or even 80’s. In today’s world, paying attention to diet, adopting a healthy lifestyle and making an effort to prevent oneself from various ill-effects of unhealthy practices is attaining a downward spiral and it’s the need of the hour to seek inspiration from our previous generations. We need not hardly look beyond our grandparents for inspiration.

Hence, we at SnackExperts celebrate these women with freckled skin and angelic heart who’ve been there, seen us going through different phases of life and who’ve been a source of eternal love and compassion. We’ve managed to take a leaf out of their cookbook and we provide you with different varieties of snacks and we hope that it brings back those memories of your grandmother!


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