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“It’s official! Scientists finally invented an everlasting battery, which is made of nano wires last week. Such a battery can be used much longer than usual, therefore it doesn’t require replacement” exclaims Jooju, a 10 year old boy, as he read out from the Tecknokrat magazine gifted by his father. His mind was overloaded with questions as he was pacing towards the end of it - he almost hit the threshold there. His aide and confide under these circumstances was his father; Jooju relentlessly ran across the garden and his face lit up in glee as he caught a sight of his father. He yelled at the top of his voice, ‘Dad, What’s this battery about? Where is it found? What is it made of? and..’ - Jooju started bombarding him with too many questions. A farmer who perspires his way through the day, his father, bore a great smile and answered each of his questions virtually with relevant yet easily cognizable usage of words, which involuntarily found a way into jooju’s virtual podcasts library. One of their inherent traits, children pay sheer attention and grasp things to every detail and the intensity is higher when it comes from their dad in particular.

Dad’s role in child’s development is as important as mom’s, and sometimes more so, suggests a new review of about hundred studies published between 1949 and 2010. The research reveals that overall, the love or rejection of both mother and father share equal responsibilities in a child’s behaviour, self-esteem, emotional stability and mental health. On the contrary, in certain cases, the withdrawal or absence of father’s love do have a great impact in kid’s problems with personality, psychological adjustment and substance abuse. The issue is definitely not who is more important, instead recognising that dads are vital in all the ways moms are. The early patterns of interaction with the father are the very patterns that will be projected further into all relationships forever more.

As a young mother I still remember my experience with my first child and recent little one as well. At first, I believed the two sleepless months that turned me and my husband into walking zombies (albeit not as functional as real ones) were merely an initiation into parenthood, after which life would return to normal. Guess what? It never did. Instead it got and keeps getting better and better. Every stage has been paying off with awe-filled experiences to the both of us; right from the crawl, walk, talk, to the recent one of playing carom. These moments got us so immersed into parenting that after a certain point the so called pain vanishes and it turns out to be a spring of happiness Who wouldn't appreciate that! We just feel blessed. Nevertheless it put responsibility on our shoulders to give them back in return the best we can, the best life they could possibly get - the best of all. Parenthood subtly blows away our materialistic desires and spreads our children’s aspirations and their well being instead.

As a mother of two sons and a daughter to my dad, I kinda know children's tendencies towards their dad. Sons will model themselves after their fathers. They will look for their father’s approval for everything they do, and copy those traits that they recognise as successful and familiar. Daughters will look for men who hold the traits of their good old dad, for after all, they have grown up watching them. A daughter who has a protective father feels safe and reliant. Dads are notorious for wanting to fix all the problems of their daughter and are a good influence in their daughter’s self image. When dads encourage their daughters and sons to dream big, they empower them for the future.

There has always been a difference in how mom and dad interact to their child. A father’s talk is characterised by more rhetoric questions, which stimulates children and aids them to take more responsibility for communication in their interaction. When a father holds his child on his shoulders, the child’s reaction would be totally different in comparison with a mother holding up to her chest level. The child imbibes confidence and is much merrier when held on father’s shoulders. Fathers play different; they tickle, wrestle more and throw children in the air (while mother says,”it’s too high”). They learn self control by being told when ‘enough is enough’. They learn a healthy balance between timidity and aggression. Involved dads help children see that attitudes and behaviours have consequences. For instance, fathers are more likely than mothers to tell their children that if they are not nice to others, kids will not play with them. Or, if they don’t do well in school, they will not get a good college or secure a desirable job in future. Thus by doing so, fathers prepare their sons and daughters for the reality and harshness of the world.

Fathers provide both physical and mental support, and this is evident even with the penguin family. The emperor penguin, who is the father, takes responsibility for keeping the eggs warm throughout the freezing winter months, while the female penguins with depleted nutrition levels after laying eggs, goes to the deep sea for up to two months. Interesting isn’t it! Sometimes the modern society fails to fully recognise the father’s role in the family and stereotypically limits it to providing financial support. Hereon, I perceive that everyone will realize the significant role played by fathers in the family.

Although many of us in this part of the world, never would have heard about ‘father’s day’, celebrating fathers and their role is not a new notion. As a child I have always felt guilty when marking ‘mother’s day’, that there was an unfairness of sorts towards my father, whom I have admired a lot. Glad that we celebrate it now. Today, as a mother, the contribution of my husband towards my children can never be ignored. The role of the father is irreplaceable like the everlasting battery (merely by theory, though not in existence). “Happy Father’s day”


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