How it Works

On every order, we deliver a curated Snackbox to your door, packed with a fine selection of 5 varieties of healthy snacks. We also offer individual boxes as perfect gifts for friends & family.

Why do we do this?

Everyone want to use ingredients that are better & safer for our bodies, our families, our communities and our planet. We realized that it is becoming difficult to find healthier options without paying a heavier premium. In addition to this, to know where to find these products or if they were truly safer were a challenge.

We figured others had the same frustration, so we have set out to help health-minded eaters discover what's better.

Our Roots

Three friends, Arun, Arul & Shamla who were snack-lovers wanted to munch without compromising on their health. They belonged to the typical working class of people – long working hours, little exercise and lots of appetite!

They couldn’t find ‘healthy snacks’, so they decided to produce them. Simple. These guys had a lot of brains + experience + contacts. And of course, Dame Luck!

What better combo do you need than this to launch a start-up?!! Bingo, Snack Experts was out in full swing.

Our mission

At Snack experts, we promote snacks that are safer, healthier, and better for people &our planet. From increased rates of cancer and diabetes to climate change, it has become clear that the eatables we put in us, on us, and around us - and the way those products are sourced, manufactured, and delivered - is causing us all real harm, instead of nourishing.

Our main focus is to introduce our array of snacks to shoppers who want the best for themselves, their families, their communities & our planet to create a better and happier world.

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